A Crown Advocate at Play?

The French Club, or Cercle Sportif, was the centre of social life in old Shanghai.  In this video from 1928 we get to see some rare footage of guests at play at the club. Most exciting for me is that it appears that from 0.30 to 1.12 we get 42 seconds of the life of the then Crown Advocate and later Judge of the British Supreme Court at play with his wife Linda Maud and two friends. 

Life certainly seemed to be good for them as they enjoy drinks on the veranda of the club overlooking the garden.  I have made a collage of photos I have of Mossop and Linda against still shots from the video.  It certainly seems to be both of them.  What a rare find.  If anyone can lip read, I would love to know what they are saying (and if you are super talented, if Mossop has kept his South African accent!).

Mossops collage