ZTE v Vringo - Anti-Monopoly Law Claim relating to enforcement of Standard Essential Patents (2014/2016)

Solvay v Yangnong - Patent Infringement (2012 - 2014)

ABB v CUIPPC - alleged breach of agreement for investigation services (2010)

Qualcomm v Nokia - Patent Infringement (2007/2008)

Goodbaby v Vigor and Midway - Patent Infringement (2010)

LV v Citychain - trademark infringement - what is use of a trademark? (2009)

Schering Plough v Zhejiang Hisoar - Patent Infringement (2007)

Dbtel v Motorola - Copyright Infringement (2001)

ABB v Gelpag, Malaysia and South Africa - three dimensional copyright infringement (2010)

ABB v Charles Sher, Singapore High Court   Trial on claim for breach of fiduciary duties for assisting in establishing competing business in China (2008)

LV v Citychain, Singapore Court of Appeal - Trademark infringement - What is use of a trademark? (2009)