RIP the American judges

Part of writing history is to try to track down those small reminders that remain of the people who made that history. Scattered around the world are the graves of many of the judges of the British and American courts in China and Japan and the lawyers and parties who appeared before them. As described in Gunboat Justice, the best preserved graves are in the Yokohama and Kobe foreigners' cemetery - all the graves in China have disappeared. All of the American judges made it home. 5 out the 7 gentlemen who served as judges of the United States Court for China can be find on The links are listed below.  If anyone can provide further information on Wilfley or Lobingier, please let us know.

  • Lebbeus Wilfley, Judge (1906-1908)
  • Rufus Thayer, Judge (1909-1913)
  • Charles Lobingier, Judge (1914-1924)
  • Milton Purdy, Judge (1924-1934)
  • Milton Helmick, Judge (1934-1943)
  • Nelson Lurton, Special Judge (1937 and 1941)
  • Bertrand Johnson, Special Judge (1943)